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Rock on the Range!

Rock on the Range! It's three days of non stop music and a great opportunity to earn money for your student's allocation. We are still working out the details of location assignments, but we need to get as many volunteers as we can to work this event.

Training Requirements

Alcohol Training

Alcohol training is an annual requirement and must be repeated every year. Training will need to be completed before the 1st game you work of 2017.

  1. Log on:    Enter Password:   LEVY

  2. Enter your personal information and employment history. 

  3. Choose your property from the drop down list.  Columbus Crew SC

  4. Choose your job title from the drop down list:  Non-Profit Group Name

  5. Once you have completed the test and you submit your answers, it will ask for the manager’s e-mail address, please enter:


Dress Code

Our uniform consists a Licking Heights Music Boosters t-shirt (provided by the Licking Heights Music Booster Board) and black pants or fingertip-length shorts (no khaki this year). Each volunteer will also need to purchase a hat at the first game they work. This is the same hat as last year, for those who worked last year.  You should let us know what size shirt you'll need at the time of signing up prior to the event (see the Volunteering page) so we can have the appropriate shirts available at our stand. Shirts are returned to the Stand Lead for cleaning at the end of each game.

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Questions about the Crew?

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